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about us

BrewCycle Tours is made of stories, adventure, and the best sips the city has to offer! 
What we do:
BrewCycle Tours brings the city together through active drinking. Rather than seeing the city one local brewery or coffee shop at a time, we have handcrafted the perfect recipe for connecting you to the local community through laughter, learning, and a cold brew. Our tours are designed to entertain, educate, and satisfy your taste for local flavors. 
How we do it:
Our tours begin with connection. First, we’ll get to know each other before we set sail through the city on our bikes. Our tour guides have a solid baseline knowledge of the local community and the rest is left to their imagination! We encourage our tour guides to tell their side of the city’s story. After touring local landmarks and playing mythbusters in your own mind, we’ll pedal our way to the first local brew. The journey culminates with more storytelling, trivia, and stops for brew tasting. All laughs, history lessons, new friends and drinks are included in the ride. 
Who we serve:
Our tours serve a variety of patrons from the local who wants to learn more about his/her city to the team looking to connect in a fun way or the adventurous traveler with a local taste bud. We serve those who speak a common language of laughs, active living, and delicious brews. Tours can be booked by individuals, couples, or groups. 


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